Free Range Halal Meat - ChickenOur Halal Free Range Chickens spend their time outdoors grazing on grass and searching for bugs and exhibiting their natural behavior. Our chicks arrive on the farm as day olds. They are kept indoors for 3-4weeks allowing them to grow their outdoor feathers before being moved outdoors. We rear in small flocks in mobile housing allowing us to move the houses between each batch. All these things add cost, but we do this to ensure that each batch is to reared to the same standard and that they have access to fresh pasture each time. Many birds labelled ‘free range’ are kept in houses of many thousands, which are never moved.

Our Halal Free Range Chickens, mature in between 80- 84 days, compared to the 41 days typical of an intensive broiler. We take full advantage of the day light hours letting the birds out at dawn and putting them away at dusk. During the day they forage for a more varied diet and are not as intensively bred for rapid weight gain. The result is a healthier, happier, less fatty and ultimately tastier Halal Free Range Chicken.

The distinctive yellow colour of the meat is not from corn, which is a cheap feed substitute leaving a bright yellow jelly like fat in the birds, as we are led to believe but is as a result of their natural outdoor diet of fresh grass; which is proof that they really do ‘range free’! Our Halal Free Range Chickens are slower growing than many which makes for an altogether a Happier Halal Free Range Chicken.

Our Halal Free Range Chickens are fed only NON GM feed, are never fed growth promoters, receive no routine antibiotics and have more space per bird, inside and out, than most guidelines state. Their houses are filled with plenty of straw to encourage their natural scratching instinct and so they can nest easily.

At the time of slaughter the birds are caught in the dark to minimize distress and transported a few meters to our own onsite EU approved on farm slaughter house, where we have a FSA Vet present during slaughter. These birds are fed, watered, cared for and slaughtered UNSTUNNED onsite on the farm offering full trace-ability.