Assalamulikum Wah Rahmatullah Wah Barakatuhu,

We pray that you are well inshAllah. As the summer comes to an end and the nights are drawing in, I thought I’d let you know about what’s been happening at the farm.

Alhumdullilah we have manged to grow lots of vegetables in our poly-tunnel so have been busy roasting and blending different sauces and freezing produce for the year. We’ve grown aubergines, peppers, chillies, tomatoes, cucumbers, courgettes, beetroot, sweetcorn and even okra! And obviously dhania (corriander); how could we be asian and not!

The children are mashAllah enjoying my unique blends and sauces and were pleasantly surprised with bright pink bolognese yesterday. After making sure that Safi (she’s my fussy one!) had tasted it, I gave them the long list of vegetables that I had roasted, ( beetroot, courgettes, aubergines, peppers, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, red onions and herbs ) and then blended before added to the mince. Definitely a good way of ensuring they get their veg intake! It’s interesting how the children’s tastes have changed and how they are now becoming more aware of what they are eating. After being home schooled for two terms, Zak mashAllah started secondary school this week and has been enjoying his school lunches but has decided that he cannot eat the salad again as it tasted of chemicals to him, just means we’ll have to grow more at home!

Alhumdullilah we have now lived on the farm for eight years and yet each day is different and brings its own rewards and challenges. Recently we were visited by Trading Standards as an anonymous letter had been sent to Birmingham Trading Standards claiming that our free range chickens were not free range. After the initial shock of such an accusation we spent the morning showing the officer and accompanying vet around the farm and abbatoir. As they confirmed as soon as they arrived on the farm they could immediately see that the chickens were obviously free range as they all ran to greet them as soon as they drove into the farm. We are a high welfare organisation monitored by the FSA and the report that they produced proved that the claim was unfounded. As we strive to offer halal and tayyib produce we have learnt to accept that these challenges are all sent to try us and inshAllah Allah swt will help us to continue to grow and overcome them Ameen.

Back to the farm; the turkeys arrived at the end of July and are happily wandering around exploring. We have some ducks on order and inshAllah we will rear them ready for the end of the year. Sadly we lost our billy William due to ill health but SOK, Son of Kirk, has been drafted in to sire for this year, so hopefully inshAllah we will not miss out on breeding the goats this year. Forgot to mention Safi’s kittens Asha and Tabitha have now given birth to another set of kittens each so we have lots more babies to cuddle!

As most of you are aware our main business based on the farm is our electronics company and the farming is a hobby that we do very small scale to ensure the consistency and quality. We only rear small batches of poultry but we ensure that we are control of the whole process from start to finish, giving you the customer peace of mind.

I will keep you updated inshAllah with everything that is going on and in the meantime look forward to meeting you all soon inshAllah.
Walikumassalam wa Rahmatullaji wa Barakatuhu
Zakariyah (age11) , Umran ( Daddy) , Saima ( Mummy) , Safiyyah (age 9)ZUSS Halal
Scatterbrook Farm, CM3 6HD
We rear, we care, we slaughter, we share