Winter has been hard to us this year, we have been very busy with our goats kidding.

Our chickens have moved outside to free range and inshallah will be ready in April. Our chickens EAT only GM free natural  feed, GM free Corn and lastly Grass (plenty of it). We always recommend  our  customers  come and collect from our farm to see how we raise the birds. Welfare is very important to us as is what they eat, in this day and age the big supermarkets and consumers are driving the prices down on the meat they purchase but do not think about how the meat is reared  and what it is mixed with to bulk it up. Consumers must ask themselves  if they can buy a baby chicken for the price of a box of eggs how has the farmer managed to rear this?

We are all Muslims and whether or not you come to us you should always question your butchers.

Due to feed price increases our chickens per Kg will be slightly higher than last year.  The average weight of the chickens are still  around 2Kg.  For this you will receive a 16wk old chicken which has spent approx 12wks free ranging.
Bigger birds are available for special occasions. Inshallah 1-2wks before slaughter we will send out emails to everyone on our mailing list to collate orders. At the moment we can only supply whole birds with skin on,  if you require chopped or skin off we will be working with a butcher, details available closer to the time.

Inshallah we are looking in to an overnight delivery service to those brothers and sisters who live in remote areas, we’ll let you know how we get on!

Please keep checking the website for more upto date information.

Jazak Allah Khair

Saima and Umran Khan
PS We’ll post up some pics of the new arrivals in a few days x