Monday 24th March 2014

Alhumdullilah we have MashAllah completed our on farm slaughtering facility and are pleased to advise that all of our poultry will now be reared and slaughtered onsite. As many may be aware we have talked about this for a few years and Alhumdullilah with your duas and Allahs blessings we are now in a position to offer halal free range chicken that is reared and slaughtered in a Halal and Tayyub environment, unstunned, by hand on our farm.

We intend inshAllah to offer fresh hand slaughtered chicken for sale every six weeks. Our ethos is that we will ONLY sell what we have REARED we do not believe in buying in animals that have been reared else where.

All our goats are Alhumdullilah born on the farm and are reared until at least a year old before they are slaughtered. Therefore due to the rearing time we offer goat once a year at Qurbani Eid, there maybe times during the year that we find that we do have surplus and we will inshAllah keep you informed of this. This year we have also purchased orphan lambs from a local producer that we rear on ourselves, free ranged to eat grass, these inshAllah will also be available for Qurbani.

You and your family are more than welcome to visit the farm, please give us plenty of notice. We can only accommodate family visits at weekends where Zakariyah and Safiyyah would be more than happy to show you around!

InshAllah we intend to rear free range turkeys for the end of the year. We reared six last year as a trial and gave them to our staff in the office to taste test, they were very happy and we intend to offer this service. If this would be of interest to you please can you email so that we can work out if there is a demand there within the muslim community, yes we know it’s early but it really does need to be planned this long in advance! Turkeys take around 6months to rear! We will also be offering large chickens over the festive period.

MashAllah we have just reared a new batch of laying hens and we are able to offer free range eggs. Hens do not start laying until they are over 4-5months old, whereas table birds are usually culled before this time, so we have some beautiful ladies that are laying quite happily and their eggs are available for sale.

MashAllah we rear our animals in a Halal and Tayyub environment which you will see for yourselves when you visit inshAllah.

Jazak Allah

Zakariyah, Umran, Saima & Safiyyah

Z.U.S.S. Halal