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Z.U.S.S Halal Free Range Chicken and Meat

Healthy Halal food, the natural way.

At our Halal Farm we understand the importance of Halal and Tayyib food, (you are what you eat). Our small batches of Organically Fed Halal Free Range Chickens and Meats are raised with love and care, our aim being to produce high quality produce in the most natural way. Fed on Organic feed since 2016 our land was certified Organic in 2017. With no antibiotics or ‘growth’ additives ensuring the best taste and texture. All of our Organically Fed Halal Free Range Meats and Poultry are slaughtered in accordance with Islamic Law (unstunned), all of our poultry is slaughtered at our own Halal Farm slaughtering facility.

We offer full trace-ability for all of our animals; we only slaughter animals that we rear we do not buy them in from other farms. We are the only Halal Farm in the UK offering organically fed free range poultry that has been reared and hand slaughtered unstunned by ourselves onsite. We are not a business we are merely sharing our hobby with you all. Businesses are focused on profits and money earned we are focused on the life of the animal and ensuring that we offer the best Halal and Tayyib produce that we can InshaAllah.

We are currently taking a break from sharing our produce but will be in touch when we are able to share again inshaAllah.

Whilst we take a break from farming we have teamed up with H.A.W.A. Halal Animal Welfare Association to raise awareness about the Halal Industry. Our objective is to raise animal welfare standards and ensure that the Halal label is not misused. In order to do this we have jointly devised a survey to give you the consumer a chance to voice your concerns and opinions. We would really appreciate if you could take a few minutes of your time to help inshaAllah.

Please click here for survey.

Jazak Allah Khairun

Zakariyah (Son), Umran ( Daddy), Saima ( Mummy), Safiyyah(Daughter)